Hydra (film, in development)

Alex (17) doesn't look like his name is Alex. He lives with his mother Simone, a music teacher, in a high-rise at the edge of town. He and his Kurdish father are only separated by a few kilometres, but Masoud couldn't be further away from his son. Wherever Alex goes, he is adrift between cultures and worlds. In the morning he sits at school, sleepily bent over his books. At night he meets up with boys from his neighboorhood to attack pedophiles in parking lots. Driven by his desire to belong Alex meets the multiple offender Bez (17) and gets lost in a friendship that, beneath all its violence and its toxic surface, is so much more. A story about hate, self-love and the insatiable yearning for identity. 

Script funded by MOIN Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein
Script: Brix Vinzent Koethe
Director: Ozan Mermer

Image Source: Shotdeck